Creative Arts Competition

Graphic provided by Matt Sopron, 2016 1st place fine art winner.

In an effort to encourage prisoners to develop their skills, the InterNational Prisoner’s Family Conference provides a showcase for the extraordinary writing and fine art talents of prisoners.  Art work is on display throughout the conference and is available for silent auction.  Proceeds support competition prizes.

2018 Writing & Fine Arts & Crafts Competitions are currently open.  

To encourage involvement of family and friends, entry guidelines to mail to talented loved ones may be requested by e-mailing:

Prisoners may send a self addressed stamped envelope (SASE) with a request for the guidelines and entry form to:

Creative Arts Competition
Prisoner’s Family Conference
P.O. Box 343
Vancouver, WA 98666

Thank you to all of those who submitted their writings and fine art work over the past several years.  We appreciate the opportunity to share their exceptional talent and skills.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Many of the writings submitted to the 2015 competition are compiled in an anthology providing a rarely seen perspective of prisoners.  The topics range from poignant memoires to humor and genuine compassion as well as tales of mystery and intrigue.   Readers will be surprised at how this composite of prisoners’ writings portrays a rarely exposed side of prison life.

2015 Anthology border


Click here to order and pay through Paypal.   20.00, including shipping and handling.

  Allow 2 weeks for processing of your shipment.
Be sure to include your shipping address & e-mail address/phone # when ordering.

NOTE:  Receipt of shipments to those in prisons is usually successful, but not guaranteed.


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