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(Deadline for Submissions – 3/31.  Click here for Guidelines & Entry Form.  )


  • Prisoner’s Family Perspective – Presentations address issues specific to the prisoner/returning citizen and their family that emphasize maintaining & strengthening all family members throughout and following incarceration.
  • Community Perspective – Presentations identify effective, especially best-practices programs and organizations and resources specifically beneficial to the unique needs of the entire prison family from the time of a loved one’s arrest through incarceration and community reintegration and family reunification.
  • Legal Perspective – Presentations on effective resources and cooperative and helpful relations with criminal justice representatives (i.e. attorneys; judges; jail/prison personnel; government officials) that may minimize trauma for the entire prison family.
  • Faith-Based Perspective – Presentations on what is working; what is not working and what more can be done to spiritually ground and sustain all members of the prison family during and following a loved one’s incarceration.
  • Health Perspective (Mental & Medical) – Presentations relevant and specific to issues effecting the overall mental and physical health of prisoners and family members throughout and following incarceration.
  • Advocacy and Organizing – Dynamic reports and guidance to bring about positive change to reduce trauma and improve the quality of life for the prison family throughout and following a loved one’s incarceration.
  • Special Issues – Presentations promoting positive outcomes on unique factors affecting the prisoner and their loved ones. (Examples of previous topics: sensitivity to victims of crimes; substance abuse/addiction; sex offenders and their families; gang involvement; female offenders; snitches and organizational issues such as fundraising; marketing; use of social media and technology, etc.)



 2018 Conference RFP guidelines and application

The form may take a minute to download.

 Although lengthy, read and follow guidelines carefully. 

Failure to follow guidelines may result in disqualification.

SPECIAL NOTICE FOR PRESENTER APPLICANTS:  When we receive multiple excellent submissions on a particular topic, we hope all applicants will be able to participate, so we offer them all the opportunity to share  in a presentation.  Be sure to let us know if you are willing to be considered for a partnered presentation or as a panel member.  



The Prisoner’s Family Conference Steering Committee evaluates all submitted presentation proposals based on the following criteria:

  • Overall quality
  • Relevance to the conference mission
  • Well-defined focus within the program tract structure
  • Practical applications of material
  • Timeliness of the topic
  • Speaker qualifications



The conference is produced by a non-profit organization with the assistance of volunteers. We strive to maintain as modest a registration fee as possible while seeking speakers and workshop facilitators who are not only knowledgeable and engaging, but who are dedicated to the support and service of prisoners and their loved ones.

All presenters must register and are strongly encouraged to attend the full conference. A slightly reduced registration fee is extended to presenters, but we are unable to provide complimentary registrations, travel expenses or honoraria. Receipt of registration confirms that selected presenters will be scheduled on the conference program.

A portion of presenters’ registration fees is applied to prison family member scholarships.



Submit your Conference Presenter’s Application by e-mail only to

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