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Like most conferences, this one features dynamic knowledgeable speakers and provides opportunities to learn best practice approaches and exchange creative ideas, but it is so much more.  It offers such amazing opportunities to network and receive and provide encouragement and support that it has been described as “magical!”  However, the “magical” part of this conference is intangible and cannot be fully understood without actually being there.  But here are some of the tangible highlights:

Families – The conference offers prison family members the opportunity to meet and share with other family members experiencing similar concerns. Participants build many lasting friendships for on-going support and encouragement.

InterNational Experts – Participate in the largest international conference specifically addressing issues relevant to all prison families. Learn from the private and public, secular and faith based sectors, including criminal justice; social service; academia; ministry and others serving the prisoner and their family and from prison family members themselves, including successfully reintegrated former prisoners.

One on One & Small Group Meetings – You will have ample opportunity to meet and share ideas and information with other attendees from various non-profits, federal, state and local agencies and faith-based organizations, as well as members of prison families from across the country and even internationally. This allows for discussion of potential collaborations and partnerships.  Many  powerful unions have resulted from these informal meetings.

Exhibitors Showcase – Speakers, attendees and sponsors showcase services and offer resource materials and literature. This event engages a wide variety of secular and faith-based organizations serving prisoners, family members and experts in the field and all generously share helpful information.  E=mail conference administrators for details on virtual exhibiting at this year’s conference:  [email protected]

Social Networking – Social networking will help you connect with many participants prior to and following the conference by simply “liking” the Prisoner’s Family Conference Facebook page.  You may also follow us on Twitter by connecting with #PrisonersFC.

 Advocacy Participation – The conference Advocacy in Action Coalition meetings offer those with significant concerns about criminal justice at any and all levels the opportunity to engage in actively advocating for needed reforms. Uniting to voice concerns strengthens each individual voice and possibilities for change.

International Network for Children with Incarcerated Parents  (INCIP) – INCIP is now its own nonprofit organization that launched as a result of collaborative meetings at the annual Prisoners’ Family Conference.  The group focuses on issues most strongly impacting chldren have parents who are incarcerated.  On alternate years the group offers a conference, providing opportunities to meet and learn from caring individuals from around the world, working to improve the conditions for children having incarcerated parents.

Professionals– Those employed throughout the social service and  criminal justice systems, as well as educators and college and university students preparing for careers that will place them in contact with prisoners and prison family members have a special opportunities for facilitated discussion and meetings with those most directly impacted by the criminal justice system.

And so, so much more that can only be felt!  Click here to listen to the experiences of some previous conference attendees.

We regret to announce that due to logistics of a virtual conference the fine art competition and sale of prison art work has been discontinued.

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